Several years ago after I'd built a few pedal steel guitars, making  them smaller and lighter, I got to thinking about volume pedals: do they  have to be so dang big? 

How small could a volume pedal be and still do its job? 

So I built a little one that soon became my favorite. Other musicians asked me about it and asked me to build more. 

 Here they are, hand built in Denver. A sweet little boutique volume pedal, a great addition to any pedalboard. 

it's me!

the pedal in action

Dunlop potentiometer

Dunlop potentiometer

Dunlop potentiometer


500Kohm 'superpot' 7 million use 

and it does not affect tone.

Switchcraft jacks

Dunlop potentiometer

Dunlop potentiometer


1/4" mono input and output 

plus 1/4" mono tuner out jack.


6"length X 2"width X 1 5/8"height 

weight about 1 lb. 

It's a passive pedal: no power required.

Honest and solid in construction.

it stays put

Dunlop potentiometer

it stays put


 Non-skid top and bottom
Solid aluminum, brushed finish.

moyo expression pedals


Utilizing the same chassis as the moyo volume pedal, the moyo expression pedal uses a 1/4" TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) jack and a Dunlop 10K ohm linear taper potentiometer.



Can you rearrange the jacks?

Yes you can, but all the jacks must be on the right side of the pedal. I normally build them with the input farthest forward, then the output, and then farthest back the tuner jack. I don't always stock pedals with different configurations, so it might take a week or two longer to get one with a different arrangement out to you.

Can I get a different color?

Only one color: brushed aluminum. Once it's yours you can decorate it any way you want.

Is it adjustable?

Yes it is, but you won't need to. When I put them together, I adjust the pedals so that they use nearly all of the potentiometer travel in both directions. It is best for the potentiometer that it does not bottom out completely, but the volume does go all the way off to all the way on.

Will it fit in my back pocket?

Pocket sizes vary, but it will fit in most back pockets. It fits in mine.

The pedal is 6"length X 2"width X 1 5/8"height.

How long will the string last?

I'm not saying the string will never break, but I have never broken one.

What about a warranty?

I don't have a formal warranty. I'm just a guy building these pedals by hand in my workshop. The Golden Rule works for me, and I don't believe I have any disgruntled customers out there. I want you to have a pedal that works for you. If there is a problem with the pedal, I will either fix it, replace it, or take it back for a full refund.

Endorsements? (or 'can I get one for free?')

No. The Golden Rule does not apply to the freebie department.

how to order

easiest to order through

or if you would rather send me a check:

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$135 free shipping to continental US